IBF Careers Connect provides career advisory services to individuals in the financial industry. Whether you are looking to take on a new role, or are making a career switch into the financial industry, we have resources to help you on your career journey.

​Career Support Schemes

IBF has curated various schemes to support you in your personal career development in the financial industry. Discover which schemes would suit you. Click here.

Career Advice & Resources

For individuals who need career advice and resources, IBF Careers Connect offers the following services. 
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You will work with IBF Careers Connect in your career development journey. Find out more here.

IBF Careers Connect Webinar Series

Another resource is IBF Career Connect Webinar Series.

Get career insights from industry leaders, interview and CV writing tips, industry trends and much more.

Catch up on these webinars "on-demand" here

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​Discover Skills Needed for Your Job

To facilitate the career progression of financial practitioners and those looking to switch into the financial industry, IBF has identified skillsets specific to the financial industry. Find out more here.