Individual Certification Application

  1. You can only be certified after you have successfully completed an eligible IBF-STS accredited assessment programme* for IBF Certification and attained the required skills for the selected industry segment and function. Please ensure that you identify a programme of an appropriate level.
  2. Map your capabilities against the Skills Framework for Financial Services to assess your training needs. Select a programme from our suite of IBF-STS accredited programmes that best meets your training needs.
  3. Apply to IBF for certification after you have completed the IBF-STS accredited programme(s). Application should be made within 5 years from the completion of the IBF-STS accredited programme.
  4. IBF will evaluate your certification application based on the following criteria:

  5. ​IBF Certification Title

    ​For Whom


    ​IBF Qualified (Level 1)

    ​For new entrants with less than 3 years of financial services industry experience

    75% of TSCs within job role, including:
    • Industry Rules & Regulations
    • Product Knowledge

    *TSCs for Product Knowledge and Rules & Regulations can be attained through either regulatory exams or training programmes
    Industry Experience Requirement: NIL
    ​IBF Advanced (Level 2)
    ​For practitioners with 3 to 7 years of relevant experience in selected industry segment
    75% of TSCs within job role
    Industry Experience Requirement:
    >= 3 years of relevant experience in selected industry segment
    ​IBF Advanced (Level 3)

    ​For practitioners with more than 7 years of relevant experience in selected industry segment
    75% of TSCs within job role
    ​​Industry Experience Requirement:
    >= 8 years of relevant experience in selected industry segment

    *TSC refers to Technical Skill Competency

    The list of TSCs can be found in Skills Framework for Financial Services.

  6. Successful applicants will be awarded an IBF Certificate carrying a corresponding Certification Title.
  7. Maintain your certification by fulfilling your annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.
 *Note: IBF-STS accredited Critical Core Skills and Future-Enabled Skills programmes will not be considered for IBF Certification. Only technical skills and competencies (TSCs) will be counted towards certification.

Click here to view the CPD requirements.

Group Certification Application for Financial Institutions and Training Providers

Financial Institutions and Training Providers may submit group certification applications on behalf of their staff or trainees upon their successful completion of IBF-accredited training and assessment programmes.

Simply verify and endorse that the staff has met the assessment and experience requirements and send in an online group application.

Online Application

Please ensure that you have read the Terms & Conditions of being an IBF-Certified individual before you apply.

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Click here for Certification Application FAQs.

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