IBF Certification is an industry endorsed mark of quality for finance professionals in Singapore.

Individuals who successfully complete an eligible IBF-Standards Training Scheme ("IBF-STS") accredited assessment programme and meet the relevant criteria may apply for IBF Certification.

The IBF Certification is awarded to practitioners who have attained the required skills for the selected industry segment and function, and are expected to uphold values of professional excellence, integrity and commitment to the industry.

IBF Certification Levels


Certification Benefits


Journey of Professional Excellence

As an IBF Certified Practitioner, you will be part of a growing community of over 8,000 financial professionals across 12 industry segments in the financial industry. 
With your IBF Certification, you will enjoy the following:

Industry Recognition

IBF Certification is an industry endorsed mark of quality for finance professionals. Certified individuals may use the professional certification titles IBF Qualified “IBFQ”; or IBF Advanced “IBFA” depending on the level of certification accorded by IBF. 

IBF Learning Resources

MySkillsPortfolio.png IBF Recognised Training Programmes

Continue to acquire new skills and stay relevant with the IBF-STS and FTS programmes. These programmes are also eligible for CPD hours. (Click here for more information on CPD requirements).

For a full listing of all IBF-STS and FTS programmes, please refer to the IBF Programme Finder.          

Skillsv2.pngMySkills Portfolio

MySkills Portfolio is a free online resource that individuals can use to plan and manage their learning. It also functions as a repository of skills and training records. Find out more here.

MLP_v1.png Learn@IBF

Learn@IBF is a micro-Learning app for financial practitioners to learn about Future-Enabled skills. Find out more about Learn@IBF here.

Opportunities to network with fellow industry professionals and senior industry leaders

Engage with industry leaders who have been conferred the IBF Fellows or IBF Distinguished Fellows award at exclusive IBF platforms. ​​