Organisation Eligibility

Prior to any application for programme recognition, your organisation must be first approved as an Eligible Organisation by the IBF. This requirement does not apply to financial institutions regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Key Requirements

Applicants should fulfil the following:

  • Registration with the relevant regulatory bodies
  • Sound financial standing
  • Fit and proper requirement for key management persons
  • Financial Training Record
  • Proper governance and structure

The organisation eligibility evaluation is required for the following schemes
IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS)
Financial Training Scheme (FTS)
Prescribed Financial Advisory Continuing Professional Development (FA CPD) Course

For more details on the eligibility requirements and application fees, please refer to the FAQs for Organisation & Programme Recognition for IBF-STS / FTS /Core CPD or contact us at:


Submit your Organisation Eligibility application through the IBF Portal

Please create a Corporate Account on the IBF Portal to access and submit the Organisation Eligibility application.


If your organisation already has a Corporate Account, please log in to the IBF Portal to submit your application.