Getting your training programme recognised by IBF consists of the 4 stages. We look forward to welcoming you to the IBF Training Community.

Before you proceed: Make sure you create an account / log in first in IBF Portal.

Stage 1 - Organisational Eligibility
STAGE 1 - Organisation Eligibility

Submit information about your organisation to fulfil the organisation eligibility criteria.

STAGE 2 - Programme Recognition
STAGE 2 - Programme Recognition

Apply for your programme to be recognised under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), Financial Training Scheme (FTS) and/or as a Prescribed FA CPD course.

Stage 3 - IBF Programme Finder Listing
STAGE 3 - IBF Programme Finder Listing

Upon successful application, your programme will be listed on the IBF Programme Finder

Stage 4 - Ongoing Maintenance of Programme Status
STAGE 4 - Ongoing Maintenance of Programme Status

To maintain the programme status, all IBF recognised training providers are required to adhere to the relevant organisation / programme criteria, and the applicable terms and conditions.