Training Providers and Financial Institutions can come onboard to the IBF Training Community by having your courses recognised by IBF. 

To find out more about how to seek recognition under the IBF training schemes, refer to the details below: 

Stage 1 - Organisational Eligibility

Organisation Registration (OR)

Submit information about your organisation to fulfil the organisation registration criteria.

OR Criteria​​

STAGE 2 - Programme Recognition

Course Recognition

Apply for your course to be recognised under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), Financial Training Scheme (FTS) and/or as a Core CPD Courses for Financial Advisers Act (FAA)/ Securities & Futures Act (SFA).


Organisation Registration and Course Recognition Application

Application is to be submitted via Training Partners Gateway.

If you are a first-time applicant, you will need to submit an Organisation Registration (OR) application together with the first Course Application. Training Providers are required to fulfil both the OR and Courses Recognition criteria for their course to be approved. 

FAQ for Organisation Registration and Course Application

Access the FAQS here.

Self-Help Guides and FAQS on TPGateway

Access the FAQS here.

Access a selection of self-help materials to navigate and transact in TPGateway here. 

Video Guide on Submitting Organisation Registration and Course Recognition on Training Provide Gateway