​CPD Requirements
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is integral as industry practitioners need to acquire new skills and keep their knowledge current with industry and regulatory developments.  It enables practitioners to evolve with the changing industry landscape and enhances the professionalism and value of the practitioners in the industry.
Financial practitioners will need to meet their industry segment’s CPD requirements. Details on IBF-administered CPD schemes are set out in the table below:   

Scheme ​Relevant Individuals ​Requirements ​More Information

- Client Advisor Competency Standards Continuing Professional Development

​Private Banking Covered Persons ​15 CPD hours,
of which 4 hours in Ethics, Rules & Regulations, Compliance
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- CPD requirements for Appointed Representatives of Financial Advisers
​Financial Advisory Representatives ​4 + 8 core CPD hours in Ethics and Rules & Regulations respectively
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IBF Certification CPD ​All IBF-Certified individuals ​15 CPD hours Click here

For enquiries on CPD, contact cpd@ibf.org.sg