IBF-STS Programme Recognition

A financial institution or training provider can apply for training programmes to be accredited under the IBF Standards.

You may apply for IBF-STS programme recognition if you are a financial institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, an institute of higher learning under the Ministry of Education or an IBF-STS Eligible Organisation approved by the IBF.

Key Requirements

IBF will evaluate programmes based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment to the IBF Standards
  • Course Design, Development and Delivery
  • Trainer and Assessor Experience and Qualifications

Training programmes accredited under the IBF Standards will be eligible for funding under the IBF-STS. Click here to find out more about the training incentive.

For more details on eligibility requirements and application fees, please refer to the FAQs for Organisation & Programme Recognition for IBF-STS / FTS /Core CPD or contact us at standards@ibf.org.sg

Submit your IBF-STS Programme application through the IBF Portal

Please create a Corporate Account on the IBF Portal to access and submit an IBF-STS programme application.

Portal Login Acct.png 

If your organisation already has a Corporate Account on the IBF Portal, please log in to the IBF Portal to submit the relevant application. 

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