​Why be an IBF accredited training provider?

In a dynamic and global financial training marketplace, being an accredited training provider is a clear way to differentiate from the competition, and be recognised as having quality training infrastructure and programmes.

Mark of Quality
The IBF accreditation process involves an independent review of an institution's ability to conduct programmes that meet industry standards. IBF accreditation therefore serves as an industry-endorsed mark of quality for training providers looking to offer programmes to Singapore's financial industry.

Job Relevant Coverage
The IBF Standards outline the competencies required for specific job roles and provide practice-oriented development roadmaps for finance professionals. IBF will review and accredit training programmes that are aligned with the IBF Standards. These form the bedrock of training programmes to equip finance professionals with skills needed for their jobs.

Partner in Talent Development
The IBF Standards also offer industry-wide recognition to participants of IBF accredited programmes. Individuals who successfully complete an IBF accredited programme and meet the relevant criteria will be eligible for IBF Certification. Discover the benefits that IBF Certification can offer to the participants of IBF accredited training programmes.

Programmes accredited under the IBF Standards are eligible for IBF Standards Training Scheme Funding, which provides 70% funding of direct training costs.