• IBF Fireside Chat with IBF Career Advisers | 19 Oct 2020 (10am)

Thinking of expanding or changing your job role in the financial industry? Want to know the skills required for your preferred job? Made an appointment to see us that is quite some time away?

Come meet our team of experienced advisors and get your burning questions answered on the spot!

This chat with our team is your chance to get all your burning career questions answered live, without having to wait until your appointment.

Besides sharing quick tips for navigating career change, we will be hosting a Q&A session to address common queries in job search.

Come prepared with your questions and see you online on 19 Oct at 10am. 

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    • cancel, postpone or make any changes to the terms of the event at its sole discretion without giving any prior notice;
    • reject any registrations
  • This event is limited to singaporeans and permanent residents only. 
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  • You also agree not to take pictures, record audios or videos during the session.


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