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There is no question that Financial Services and even our lives have been transformed radically by the confluence of software and technology, from platforms and tools that we use to pay and invest, and even the very concept of money itself. Many new terminologies have appeared in this age of technological disruption. We are all familiar with Fintech, but there have been subsequent related neologisms like Insurtech, and Regtech that all attempt to capture the essence of digital transformation in the ecosystem in which they operate.
As Fintech changes the way we spend and organise money, we may also say that Wealthtech is the union of wealth management and technology, and also with the goal of providing digital solutions within wealth management and investing. More broader than just “robo-advisers”, Wealthtech is a term that may apply to any technology that automates and enhances the delivery of advice and the management of investment portfolios.
In the session, Deepak will share his personal journey, demystify what Wealthtech is all about, and also candid insights on how Wealthtech continues to disrupt traditional jobs within this space (the good and the bad).

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Deepak Khanna 
Head of Wealth Development
HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited 

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