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We are all living with change. It isn't the best of bedfellows for many.

At a time when we need to be talking about future relevant leadership, increasing resilience across teams and avoiding culture fade as we flex working styles, Leading in Change has never been a more crucial skill.

In this webinar session, Andrew Thomas, Regional CEO of Eagles Flight Asia, will talk about the key factors that get in the way of an organisation's transformation, rigid mindsets versus open mindsets – and how to move your employees from one state to the other.

Andrew will also give a walk-through on Leading Change™ , one of the latest IBF accredited leadership programmes, which will help leaders gain the necessary knowledge and perspective to effectively manage the upheaval associated with change and lead teams through turbulent times, how setting a compelling vision of the future set directions and enables people to see the possibilities of what success looks like, and how laying the right foundation - with a mindset shift - increases the sustainability of changes implemented.

Hear from our guest speaker, Luca Dellanna, on how he helps leaders to effectively engage with their teams and supports companies in overcoming the bottlenecks to internal change.

Highlights: Three Catalyzers for Change

The mint flavor in toothpaste doesn't make the mouth any cleaner but is essential to reinforce the toothbrushing behavior. Similarly, leaders should use early feedback to reinforce behaviors that will bring long-term rewards.

The Experience: Deserted Debate

You've found ourself stranded on a deserted island off the coast of Fiji with only three items in your possession. There will be only one opportunity to use each item; to ensure your team's survival.

Key Learnings:

• The need for communication to be clear and compelling.

• In the battle for hearts and minds, emotion wins over logic, every time

• Creating the right Mindset to embrace uncertainty

Event Details

Date:23 Sep 2021
Time:3.00pm - 5.00pm 
Venue:Zoom Webinar
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Fees:The ​Session is free of charge


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​Welcome & Introduction
​Presentation: Three catalyzers for change, Luca Dellanna
​Dialogue/Q&A: Creating systems that support the frenetic pace of change in business, Luca Dellanna and Andrew Thomas
​The importance of Experience Learning: Deserted Debate™
​Snapshot of the IBF accredited program: Leading Change™, Andrew Thomas
​End of Session

IBF Masterclass with Eagles Flight: Mindset shift - How change leaders can inspire a growth culture for success

23 September 2021

​Andrew Thomas, Regional CEO of Eagles Flight Asia

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Luca Dellana, Antifragile Organizations Consultant and Author

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