Attendance Policy

To be eligible for CPD hours and the issuance of Certificate of Attendance (COA), participants shall be present for the entire programme. Participants who wish to claim CPD Hours must SIGN IN on arrival and SIGN OUT at the conclusion of the event. The exact timing of the programme is subject to change on the actual day. Participants must strictly comply with IBF's Attendance Policy. Upon failure to adhere to any part of the Attendance Policy aforementioned, no COA shall be issued and no CPD hours shall be accorded by IBF. Partial CPD Hours are not applicable.

Event Fees
(Applicable to IBF CACS Connect)
The event fees for the IBF CACS Connect @ Hosting Bank are payable to The Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF). IBF shall be solely responsible for the collection and receipt of such fees. The Hosting Bank is not involved in or responsible for the collection of such fees and does not utilise any portion of such fees for any purpose whatsoever.
Payment Terms
(Applicable for paid events only)​
All seats are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. Full payment of registration fee must be made within fourteen (14) working days upon registration. lBF reserves the right to rescind any registration if payment is not received in full and before the event.
Cancellations/Substitutions There will be no refund for cancellation. However, substitutions are permitted without additional costs. Please inform IBF in writing at least three (3) working days before the event.
Confirmation of Registration for Event Registration for seats at event will only be reserved upon receipt of payment. A confirmation email will be sent to successful registrant immediately upon successful online registration.







This programme is recognised under the financial Training Scheme (FTS) is eligible for FTS claims subject to all eligibility criteria being met.
Please note that in no way does this represent an endorsement of the quality of training provider and programme. Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the programme and its relevance to the participants' business activities or job roles.
The FTS is available to eligible entities based on the prevalent funding eligibility, quantum and caps. FTS claims may only be made for recognised programmes with specified validity period. Please refer to​ for more information.

Privacy Policy IBF Connect photography will be featured in post-event marketing collaterals. For more information on IBF's Personal Data Protection Policy, please click here​.
Important Notice IBF reserves the right to change seminar date or location or alter the content and timing of the programme or the speakers without penalty. lBF assumes no liability if the conference is changed, postponed, or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
Copyright All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by IBF and the Hosting Bank in connection to this event are expressly reserved by IBF and the Hosting Bank. Any unauthorised duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited.