28 Nov 2023

IBF Masterclass with ICA - Strategies to help you thrive in Compliance


4.00pm - 5.00pm




CPD Hours :


The remit of compliance grows broader and more complex with each passing year. Compliance professionals must be adept at handling multiple issues concurrently, reacting intelligently to ever-shifting regulatory environments, optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance activities, harnessing data and technology, nurturing trust-based relationships, fostering open lines of communication, deepening product knowledge, and cultivating cultures of compliance excellence.

This session will provide invaluable insights and practical strategies for adapting to the swiftly changing compliance landscape. We will delve into critical areas such as money laundering, bribery, corruption, market abuse, ESG, cybersecurity, and more. Discover how to effectively tackle numerous compliance challenges, leverage digital technologies, foster a culture of compliance excellence, and consider the new skillset required by the modern compliance officer.


4.00pmWelcome by IBF

Panel Discussion moderated by Pekka Dare, President, ICA

4.45pmAudience Q&A
5.00pmSession ends