Piyush Gupta

DBS Group

IBF Distinguished Fellow (2009)

Corporate Banking

"The dramatic impact of technology on how humans live their lives underlines the need for constant learning and reskilling. In our industry, this is compounded by changing regulations and societal expectations. The IBF Distinguished Fellow designation is a constant reminder of the responsibility to play a proactive role in this evolution, to safeguard and improve the future of our industry."


Mr. Piyush Gupta is Chief Executive Officer and Director of DBS Group, as well as Director of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and The Islamic Bank of Asia Limited. Under Piyush's leadership, DBS has grown to be among the 50 largest banks in the world (by market capitalisation), and has been recognised as Asia's Best Bank and Asia's Safest Bank by Global Finance. DBS has also been recognised as the most valuable bank brand in ASEAN (BrandFinance), as the bank with the best customer service in Singapore (Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore), and as a global Great Workplace (Gallup).

Prior to joining DBS, Piyush was Citigroup's Chief Executive Officer for South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Piyush began his career with Citibank in India in 1982 and over the years, held various senior management roles across Citi's corporate and consumer banking businesses.

Piyush's external appointments include serving as the Deputy Chairman of SPRING Singapore, as a council member of the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research, and on the boards of the Institute of International Finance, Washington, The Institute of Banking and Finance, and the Dr. Goh Keng Swee Scholarship Fund. He is also Chairman of Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics Advisory Board, a council member of The Association of Banks in Singapore, and a Managing Council member of Indian Business-leaders' Roundtable (under SINDA).

Besides Piyush's official appointments, Piyush actively contributes at external forums on a wide variety of topics that go beyond the development of the industry to wider societal issues. Piyush is a strong advocate for the industry to focus on creating sustainable long-term growth and developing solutions for social needs. A respected voice in the industry, Piyush has earned a seat at the high table of international finance, where he contributes to the broad development of the sector.

Piyush has contributed strongly to various initiatives, discourse and private-public sector dialogue on key industry topics such as: Digital Banking, the global regulatory agenda vs growth in Asia, and the development of infrastructure financing and deeper capital markets in the region. He does this through various platforms, including official forums such as those organized by the Institute of International Finance, ASEAN Business Community and the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research, as well as through interviews with leading publications such as Forbes, CNBC, and Bloomberg, and at other public forums and engagements.

A firm believer in education and re-skilling, Piyush contributes to the grooming of the next generation of leaders by regularly imparting his experience and knowledge in a variety of ways, including speaking at various institutions of executive learning such as NUS, SMU, Harvard University, Chicago University, INSEAD and other forums including UNESCO, Milken Institute, SPRING and the Human Capital Leadership Institute. Under his leadership, DBS has focused on building a 'university of talent' and growing its own 'timber', focusing on talent management, engagement and people development. His role in building a unique culture at DBS has been used as an example of blending Eastern and Western organisational styles.

Piyush is also active on social media platforms and is a LinkedIn Influencer.