Roland Yeo

Senior Financial Services Director
Roland Yeo Organisation
A group of agency units of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited.

IBF Fellow (2015)

Financial Planning

"It is my honour to give back and serve the finance industry with my experience and thought leadership. Financial planning done properly ensures not only individual success but also stabilises a nation's financial security and success. While we play an important role, humility must be a key ingredient for all financial planners to grow unto maturity."


Mr. Roland Yeo is an industry veteran with over 28 years of experience. He currently leads a successful team of financial planning professionals. Having enjoyed career success in helping clients make wise decisions in their business and personal financial planning, Roland is passionate about equipping his team holistically with the essential skill sets to do likewise.

On the macro front, Roland's vision and foresight of the finance landscape of Singapore has propelled his work in the Insurance and Financial Practitioner Association of Singapore (IFPAS) as a Vice President-2014 and now as President-Elect in 2015. As IFPAS Head of Education and Training, he formalized and launched the education roadmap for financial practitioners, encompassing academic technical knowledge as well as soft skills crucial for counseling work and financial education in 2013.

He is also a member of IFPAS STAR Alliance team. As a member of the IFPAS STAR Alliance, he is one of the seven members representing 15,000 financial practitioners engaging MAS on the FAIR issues and other specific issues concerning the financial practitioners, as well as the society at large through FinCAREĀ®, which provides pro-bono financial counselling and financial literacy education.

Roland's spirit of excellence is the key driving force behind every works undertaken from agency, community and church to reach out to others. He is also the founder of FaithMissions, reaching out to the lesser in every way. He is a firm believer in continuous learning, himself being a Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Specialist in Financial Education.