Sharon Craggs

Global Head of Compliance
Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C.)

IBF Distinguished Fellow (2012)


"We have to instill in ourselves and our organisations integrity and a moral compass. How to implement ethics and fair dealing become more complex as the environment changes, but their meaning and worth do not."


Ms Sharon Craggs is Global Head of Compliance for Arab Banking Corporation, B.S.C. ("ABC") and currently based at its headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Standard Chartered Bank's Singapore operations. She has overall responsibility for compliance mattters across all ABC's lines of businesses and markets extending from the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Asia Pacific.

Ms Craggs has worked with the Monetary Authority of Singapore in financial services regulation, with JPMorgan Chase specializing in treasury and derivatives products, with DBS Bank where she led the legal, compliance, and secretariat functions, and with Standard Chartered Bank overseeing compliance for Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Ms Craggs read law at Cambridge University, UK, topping the English Bar for Evidence. She is qualified in England and Wales, the State of New York and Republic of Singapore. Ms Craggs is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and has held several global and regional appointments, being currently the Asia Pacific President's Council Representative to the Board of Governors. Ms Craggs was appointed an Industry Fellow with the Singapore Centre for Banking and Finance Law, and is Founder and President of the Compliance Professionals Association, Singapore.