Loretta Yuen

OCBC Group General Counsel
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

IBF Distinguished Fellow (2016)


"Over the years, Compliance has moved from an afterthought to the very forefront of critical business considerations. Like high wire acrobats, compliance professionals seek to find the perfect balance between safety and opportunity. At the end of the day, banking is a credibility game. Compliance protects our clients and investors by working hand in hand with the frontline to ensure the industry remains trusted and sustainable."


​Appointed General Counsel and Head of Group Legal and Regulatory Compliance in September 2010 and Executive Vice-President on 1 June 2015.  Loretta oversees the full spectrum of legal and regulatory risks, including anti-money laundering, across OCBC Bank and its subsidiaries, and provides advice on regulatory risks and legal issues involved in decisions to management, so that management can make informed strategic choices within an acceptable legal and regulatory risk profile.  Ms Yuen has over 15 years of legal and regulatory experience in banking and finance.  Loretta was conferred the IBF Distinguished Fellow award in 2016. The IBF Distinguished Fellow is a significant role model who serves as a beacon of excellence for the financial industry.