Gan Kok Kim

Executive Vice President, Head of Global Investment Banking
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

IBF Distinguished Fellow (2017)

Capital Markets

"Capital market conditions have been and remain tough. But I’m confident the industry will continue to play an integral role in intermediating the economy, supporting and accelerating its growth. To excel, professionals in this field of work will have to possess grit to accept the challenges, passion to continue serving stakeholders well and adaptability to evolve with the needs of the times."


​Gan Kok Kim is EVP and Head of Global Investment Banking for OCBC Bank and has been involved in the capital markets in Asia over the last 28 years. The present role includes responsibilities over the Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and Mezzanine Capital Unit across regional countries. He is also member of the bank's management committee and other risk committees overseeing credit, market, ALCO and underwriting committees. Over the years, he has served in the industry associations/committees;
SFEMC Interest Rate Sub Committee
ISDA South Asia Committee Member
ACI Singapore Executive Committee
SFEMC Capital Markets Sub Committee member
ABS sub- committee Corporate Finance Chairman