Lionel King


IBF Distinguished Fellow (2017)

Life Insurance

"Customers determine our success. As insurance is a long term commitment, we must earn the trust of our customers by ensuring they understand clearly what they are buying, and continuously work at building lasting relationships with them based on sincere, effective communication."


‚ÄčLionel King joined Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Prudential Singapore) as Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer on 2 April 2012. He heads the Legal, Risk and Compliance division.

Lionel's career with Prudential spanned more than two decades. From 1991 to 1999, he was working in the company's Group Head office. He moved to Prudential Singapore in 2000 and spent the next four years in various roles - Finance Director, Life Operations Director and Chief Operations Director. In 2004, he left Singapore for Prudential Services Asia (PSA), Malaysia, where for the next four years he held the role of Chief Finance Officer till his return to the United Kingdom in 2008.

Lionel also spent three years with the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA). He started as a Supervisor in Wholesale Insurance, then became a Supervisor in the UK Life Insurers Department, and finally, was a Risk Specialist in the Risk Specialists Division, focusing on Solvency II.

Lionel is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Imperial College and a Chartered Accountant.