Vasu Menon

Vice President & Senior Investment Strategist, Wealth Management, Singapore,
Global Consumer Financial Services
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

IBF Fellow (2017)

Wealth Management

"Having a good understanding of the fundamentals affecting financial markets is critical for wealth advisors who play a crucial role in helping clients to protect and grow their wealth."


​Vasu Menon has nearly 30 years of experience in the wealth management industry.  He graduated with an Honours Degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore in 1988.  After graduating, he spent several years as an Economist and Investment Analyst and headed a large equities research team before joining OCBC Bank in 2000.

Vasu has played a key role in developing the research and content capabilities at OCBC Bank's Wealth Management department since 2002. He has also played a key role since 2013 in simplifying OCBC Wealth Management's publications so that it is easier to read and understand, hence enabling investors to make clearer and better informed decisions.

Vasu's work at OCBC Bank has been instrumental in raising the competency of relationship managers in the bank. He has helped many relationship managers better understand the financial markets.  By sharing his thoughts and insights on markets and wealth management related issues, Vasu hopes to enable relationship manager with the knowledge to offer sound advice to their clients with.

Vasu has done an excellent job in raising awareness about investments, financial markets and wealth management related issues among the general public, through his engagement with the media and speaking at public seminars. He is a regular face on local and regional television and other print media, discussing about financial markets, wealth management and global banking issues.

Outside of OCBC Bank, Vasu has played key roles in committees on the Singapore Exchange and the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) to promote investor education in Singapore. He has also supported MAS's MoneySENSE Financial Education Programme by being a regular speaker and panellist at its seminars aimed at providing financial education to Singaporeans to equip them with financial knowledge and capabilities.

Vasu is highly passionate about financial markets and wealth management issues and enjoys what he does thoroughly. He doesn't see his role in OCBC Bank as a job but as a passion and an avenue to ultimately make a difference to the way investors manage their money.