Chan Kok Seong

Group Chief Risk Officer,
Head of Group Credit and Risk Management
United Overseas Bank Limited

IBF Distinguished Fellow (2018)

Risk Management

"Effective risk management requires knowledge of the industry, the organisation and its business model, and having astute insights into the operating environment. This combination helps ensure the optimum risk-return trade-off over business cycles."


​Mr Chan Kok Seong is the Group Chief Risk Officer and the Head of Group Credit and Risk Management at UOB. He is also sits on UOB's Management Executive Committee.

He led the development of a number of Group-wide risk frameworks of policies, methodologies, tools and processes, including the Group Risk Appetite, managerial stress testing, credit portfolio risk-return optimisation, risk-weighted asset and capital optimisation. Under his leadership, UOB was the first Singapore bank to implement the Duration Method and Scenario Approach to report General Market Interest Rate Risk (GIRR) for regulatory capital purposes. This approach enables the Bank to optimise its regulatory capital computation by using interest rate sensitivities to derive the GIRR instead of the conventional approach based on principal amounts.

Prior to his appointment as the Group Chief Risk Officer in 2012, Mr Chan was the Chief Executive Officer of UOB (Malaysia) Berhad from 2003 to 2012. He joined UOB (Malaysia) in 1998.

His career in banking began more than 30 years ago, starting with Bank Negara Malaysia. During his eight years at the central bank, he helped formulate and implement a wide range of banking supervisory and prudential standards. His experience also includes independent risk control for treasury transactions at a merchant bank in Malaysia.

Mr Chan holds a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Malaya, Malaysia and is a member of The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.​