Edy Hartono

Senior Financial Services Director
Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

IBF Fellow (2018)

Financial Planning

"Professionalism is always acting in the best interest of the client."


​Mr Hartono had a distinguished career with Great Eastern Life Company before joining Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd (PIAS) in 2005. He is currently a Senior Financial Services Director with PIAS, one of the largest, most respected and fastest growing network of financial consultants in Singapore.

In February 2009, the then parent Company, one of the largest financial advisory firms in Australia, invited Mr Hartono to become a non-executive Director of the licensed entity PIAS and also the  Holding Company, Professional Advisory Holdings Pte Ltd. Since that time he has brought valuable insight and sound judgement to the business from his considerable experience in commerce and financial advisory practice. Mr Hartono has a keen interest in the trends within the global wealth management industry and is well read on issues relating to the future direction of advice and client engagement.

Mr Hartono was appointed to the PIAS product steering committee, where his understanding of client needs assists in the onboarding of new products and services. This process is a valuable and necessary service to the over 600 advisers within the network of this award winning FA (PIAS).

Mr Hartono was an Honorary Secretary with the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) for the term 2017/2018. He also served as Chairman of Membership and Education with FPAS for the term 2015/2017.

Mr Hartono is the President of FPAS for the term 2018/2019. He is a member of the Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF) Financial Planning Working Group for the term of 2018/2020.  Mr. Hartono is an alumnus of National University of Singapore.

He was conferred the IBF Fellow award in 2018 by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF). The IBF Fellow title recognises industry veterans who exemplify thought leadership and commitment to industry development.​