Darryl Tan

Managing Director Team Head
Bank of Singapore

IBF Fellow (2014)

Wealth Management

"Never stop learning no matter how successful you are in your career"


Darryl Tan is Managing Director and Singapore Team Head at Bank of Singapore, previously ING Asia Private Bank that was successfully acquired by OCBC Bank in 2010.

Darryl holds an MBA from the Washington State University, USA. In his role as Team Head, he leads a team of senior bankers to upscale professional standards to deliver high performance levels that ensure business growth and inspire client confidence.

An experienced banker with a client-centric view, he proactively encourages his team to get involved in clients' lives, to build trust so clients will open up and seek advice on children's education or family matters, in addition to advice on their investment portfolios. This promotes stickiness in the relationship.

With increasingly volatile markets and more complex financial products, clients look to their private bankers to have the technical training and knowledge of markets. Darryl strongly believes in upholding the stellar standards of the Singapore wealth management industry.

He has been instrumental as a member of the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) Private Banking Advisory Group in developing and implementing the Private Banking Code of Conduct as well as the Private Banking Industry's Client Advisor Competency Standards that took effect in 2011.

He is also an Assessor for Wealth Management Institute's (WMI) Wealth Management Programmes for Private Banking and Affluent Banking.

Under his leadership, his Singapore team has contributed to the significant growth of the Bank's assets under management from US$23 billion in 2010 to over US$51 billion in December 2014.