Financial Planning Association of Singapore

IBF Inspiring Educator Award (2018)

"If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

- Samantha Wong
Chief Executive Officer

Company Profile

Established since December 1998, the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) is a non-profit professional association dedicated to developing and promoting the financial planning industry in providing unbiased financial advice to the Singaporean public.

FPAS is part of a global assembly of a financial planning body namely the Financial Planning Standards Board, a US-based organisation that set standards for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) certification. It currently has foothold in 26 territories and the number of CFP professionals has reached a global high of 175,573 at year-end 2017.

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) mark is a prestigious and highly respected professional designation labelled as the "Gold Standard" in the financial planning and wealth management industries globally. ​

CFP® certification was established in the U.S. in 1972 and has since became the industry's most recognized professional designation. The program equips individuals with the tools to be competent in providing professional advice that meet international standards in the aspects of financial and wealth planning.

FPAS' vision is to ensure that all Singaporeans have access to responsible and appropriate financial planning advice by raising the professional standards of the industry through education and a shared code of ethics. FPAS aims to:​

  • Educate the public on the need for objective professional advice in making secure financial decision.
  • Develop and maintain professionalism and high ethical standards to uphold consumers' confidence.
  • Educate and train practitioners to enhance their provision of objective professional financial advice
  • Represent the industry and its members to ensure an operating environment that is conducive in providing high quality financial advice