Lau Sok Hoon

Chief Actuary
NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Ltd

IBF Fellow (2019)

Life Insurance

"Always aim to improve by looking out for gaps, as well as, to keep pace with and be receptive to changes. More importantly, be humble to learn and always be kind to oneself and others."


Lau Sok Hoon is a veteran in the insurance industry in Singapore with close to 25 years of experience. She holds a Bachelor's degree with honours in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Mathematics  from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Sok Hoon began her actuarial career in Singapore in 1995. In August 1999, she qualified as a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and was subsequently admitted as a Fellow of the Singapore Actuarial Society in April 2000.

Sok Hoon was the Appointed Actuary of Prudential Assurance Singapore between January 2008 and August 2011. Currently, she is the Chief Actuary of NTUC Income and is entrusted with the statutory responsibilities of the Appointed Actuary and the Certifying Actuary for the company's life and general insurance business respectively.

As one of the most senior actuaries in Singapore, Sok Hoon contributed to the industry through her active involvement in the various task forces and subcommittees of the Life Insurance Association (LIA) Singapore. One notable contribution was her serving as the convenor on the LIA Par Fund Task Force. As the convenor, she worked closely with the Monetary Authority of Singapore to establish the governance and principles for charging expenses to the Participating Fund to ensure fairness and equitability to insurance policyholders.

​Sok Hoon is a firm believer that technology and innovation will shape the future of work in both the actuarial profession and the insurance industry. As a mentor to young actuaries, she continuously guides them to challenge status quo to achieve breakthroughs. As a driver of change, she helps transform NTUC Income into a digital insurer with the launch of many innovative products, including Singapore's first rain insurance, Droplet, and Southeast Asia's first micro-insurance plan for critical illness, Critical Illness: Pay Per Trip. Droplet won the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards 2019 under the Digital-Personal Insurance category.