Lim Wee Kian

Managing Director
DBS Bank Ltd

IBF Fellow (2019)

Financial Markets

"The industry is going through digital transformation at an alarming pace. Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards. One has to respond, adapt and stay agile. Success comes to those who turn change into opportunity."


​Wee Kian started his banking career in 1992, specializing in trading of Foreign Exchange and Interest Rates. Prior to joining DBS as the Head of Regional Currency Trading in 2004, he worked in global banks like UBS and Barclay, followed by JL Capital Hedge Fund.

Wee Kian is currently the Regional Head of FX and responsible for trading in Treasury and Markets in Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and London. On top of growing the Asian FX and Rates offering, he was instrumental in the setting up of DBS offshore Treasury in Vietnam and London. He is also one of the key members responsible for digitizing of the FX product as DBS embraces digital transformation.

In addition to his work at DBS, Wee Kian actively contributes his time and expertise to the finance industry. In 2013, following the NDF fixing issues, Wee Kian was a key member of the ABS Ad-hoc working group to formulate an alternative way to achieve an unbiased NDF fixing reference for the market.

Most recently, he participated in a global initiative under BIS to establish the FX Global code, which helps promotes the integrity and effective functioning of the wholesale foreign exchange market.