Samuel Goh

Financial Services Director
SP Samuel Goh representing AIA

IBF Fellow (2019)

Financial Planning

"When values are clear decisions are made easy."


Prior to joining the financial services industry, Samuel used to be a teacher at Raffles Institution. He joined AIA in 1993 and became a Financial Services Director in 2004. 

He started serving FSMA (Financial Services Manager Association) in 2006 and became its President in 2009. He also served in IFPAS (Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore) as Vice President from 2011 to 2015. He is currently serving ALMA (Agency Leaders Managers Association of AIA) as a council member.

He was the Head of Operation for the MediShield Life Pro Bono project launched in 2014. Together with IFPAS, he was instrumental in recruiting 700 volunteers from the entire industry to provide free advice regarding the then newly launched MediShield Life to thousands of heartlanders across most of the country’s community centers. This pro bono project was a weekly affair that lasted about 2 years. 

Most notably, he helped FSMA bring back AMTC (Agency Manager Training Council) to the industry in 2008. Together with his industry colleague, Michael Seow, they have both worked tirelessly to ensure that this arduous 23-week course is being run properly in accordance to the high standards set. Both of them also contributed by helping FSMA to successfully apply for AMTC to be accredited as IBF level 3, Managing Advisors. To date, there are more than 300 managers who have graduated from AMTC. In addition, approximately 100 managers have successfully applied for their IBF level 3; with more on the way. 

According to Samuel’s belief system, a leader is a learner but a learner is not necessarily a leader. Hence, he is always learning new things, be it through books, seminars, examinations or even courses outside the industry. He wants his people to always be learning and he is leading by example. He believes a good leader who wants to learn, will grow and always be able to nourish his people professionally and intellectually.

Samuel spends much of his time grooming and mentoring his advisors and managers. He specializes in doing business succession planning for business owners in his personal practice. At the same time, he is actively involved in the industry in their activities. He is still actively conducting AMTC classes. In addition, he is a certified AMTC Moderator Conference Trainer with LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association) and he helps them to certify new AMTC moderators. 

As of now, he will continue to contribute to the industry actively and he hopes that practitioners will continue in the pursuit of lifelong learning so that they can better serve their clients. Passion for his work is what keeps him going. To him, this career is more than a job, it is a calling to serve others.