Alfred Chia

SingCapital Pte Ltd

IBF Fellow (2020)

Financial Planning

"The pandemic crisis has shown to us the importance of Financial Planning. While no one plans to fail, the failure to plan can be disastrous. I am honoured to have the opportunity to share my experience to increase the awareness of Holistic Financial Planning."


​With more than 28 years in the financial planning industry, Alfred is the Co-Founder and CEO of SingCapital Pte Ltd, MAS licensed Financial Adviser.  He is reputed for his in-depth knowledge and vast experience in providing quality financial services and solutions for Individuals and Corporations. 

Alfred was a corporate trainer for insurance companies where he developed and conducted a wide array of training courses before he moved into business entrepreneurship.  Being an ardent believer in the power of education, Alfred is dedicated to share his knowledge of Financial Planning through many platforms and networks. He is the Creator and Chief Trainer of the popular program - 'Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner' for Real Estate Professionals and Financial Planning Practitioners. 

His passion to share had also prompted Alfred to author 3 books, ‘Mortgage and Grow Rich’, ‘Grow Rich Singapore Style’ and ‘Last Wishes’.  The books are dedicated to holistic financial planning towards financial well beings.

His insights and perspectives on various financial matters are widely interviewed by numerous media channels from radio to TV.  He believes that this will bring greater awareness on the values that Financial Planning Industry can provide to the society.

Alfred had served in the Executive Committee of AFAS (Association of Financial Advisers Singapore) from 2015 to 2019.  He was instrumental in the negotiation and arrangement of the Enhanced version of Individual Professional Indemnity Insurance for AFAS Members.  He also developed and conducted Rules & Regulations and Ethics trainings for the members. 

He has been serving in the Executive Committee of FPAS (Financial Planning Association of Singapore) since 2016.  He is serving as the President for term 2019/2021.  He feels privileged to have the opportunity to serve and contribute in this non-profit professional association, dedicated in developing and promoting the professionalism of the financial planning industry. 

He graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science degree. Alfred also holds the professional qualifications of Certified Financial Planner, Fellow Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner and Affiliate of STEP.