Nicolas Collery

Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity
DBS Bank Ltd

IBF Fellow (2020)


"To stay performant and relevant, curiosity and passion are important as it will drive you to keep learning. "


Nicolas leads the offensive security (OffSec) services at DBS Bank which comprises the threat intelligence, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and red & purple teaming practices.

Since 2010, Nicolas has been collaborating with other financial organisations and led working groups of the Standing Committee for Cyber Security (SCCS), part of the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to shape how best to perform offensive security.

Nicolas also leads application security (AppSec) in order to secure the applications developed by DBS and maintain the high standards expected by its customers. The focus of his team is to empower the bank to release applications at a fast pace and using modern technologies, while ensuring the security.

Nicolas obtained his specialised master's degree in systems and information security at ESIEA in France in 2006. This complemented his master's degree in automation and production engineering which be obtained in 2000.