Frederic Weber

Chief Actuary
AXA Insurance Pte Ltd

IBF Fellow (2021)

General Insurance

"Besides passion and technical excellence, getting prepared for today’s rapid changes in technology, climate, demographics and pandemic notably, has also become a necessity on the path of success."


Frederic started his career in 2005 in the AXA Group Headquarters in Paris and moved to AXA Singapore in March 2008. As Chief Actuary and Certifying Actuary since 2013, he has led AXA Singapore to be recognized as one of the most technically mature and sophisticated General Insurance (GI) companies in Singapore and within the AXA Group.

As a business-friendly and well-rounded actuary, seasoned Health and GI practitioner with skills in pricing, reserving, product development, business planning, and capital modeling, he possesses an excellent understanding of underwriting, claims and distribution functions.

Frederic’s continuous contribution to numerous industry activities includes leading an industry task force to identify key drivers of the Singapore Motor bodily injury claims inflation, partnering with the General Insurance Association (GIA) to deliver “Actuarial Knowledge Sharing Sessions” to its members’ non-actuarial employees, and delivering the Actuarial training sessions of the GIA Global Internship Programme.

Frederic is a Fellow of the French Institute of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Singapore Actuarial Society (SAS). He has been serving as a President of the SAS since 2019 and has also volunteered in the GI Committee, Education and Career Committee (Chair for 2 years), Operations Committee (Chair for 1 year) and the Professional Affairs Committee. During his tenure as President and Council Member, he has gained leadership, governance formation, and entrepreneurial skills. He has notably led successfully the Constitution Revision Workgroup in 2020-2021.

Frederic is recognized industry-wide for identifying and developing the best talents and producing high-performing teams. He has contributed to transform the Singapore GI Actuarial landscape, driving more local students to choose the GI path with frequent visits in universities, influencing syllabuses and bridging the gap between professional and students. Additionally, he led and launched the “SAS Speakers and Influencers” initiative to train actuaries in Public Speaking 

At an international level, Frederic contributed to the launch of an education initiative in ASEAN countries to develop local actuarial capabilities in partnership with local regulators and insurance associations; and was invited as a speaker to the Cambodia Conference. He has also represented the voice of Singapore in the Council and the Advance Committee of the International Actuarial Association as well as in the Executive Board of the Asian Actuarial Association.