Ong Kian Peng

Associate Partner
Ernst & Young

IBF Fellow (2021)

Technology & Operations

"Today’s workforce will need to learn new skills at a greater pace, and employers can help by being more encouraging, flexible with training approaches and precise about in-demand future skills."


​Passionate about the future of work and the culture and conduct agenda, Kian Peng has been an active member of the IBF Insurance Industry Workgroup and the Insurance Conduct and Culture Steering Committee since 2019.

Prior to joining the insurance industry, Kian Peng was a Senior Vice President at HSBC Bank Singapore, accountable for the retail bank’s processes, projects and risk and control operations. He was also HSBC’s first Global Head of Information Governance and Records Management, responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of global standards and information management solutions. 

Kian Peng was born in Singapore, where he began his career as an accountant with the Ministry of Finance before his appointment as the Head of Finance at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. He also served as a Senior Consultant at IBM specializing in process management, IT strategy and ERP learning solutions in projects across China, Thailand and Indonesia.