Lily Teo

Head of Legal and Compliance, Asia Pacific
UniCredit Bank AG

IBF Fellow (2014)


"To be a master of your craft, be a servant first - serve to learn from all levels and at all levels."


Lily was a solicitor with 7 years in practice, first in Malaysia and then in Australia. In 1995 she moved to Singapore and has worked in the banking industry since then. Lily started her career in Singapore in an international bank where she headed the legal function covering a wide range of financial products and services from corporate banking, private banking to capital markets. Lily then joined UniCredit Bank AG as Head of Legal for Asia and subsequently assumed the Regional Head role of the combined unit of Legal and Compliance, Asia Pacific. Lily is the encumbent Chairperson of the FICS Compliance Working Group and has been serving as a member in the IBF Steering Committee since 2011. In January 2013 she was appointed as a member of the FICS Standards Writer and Foundational Programme Developer Selection Panel. Lily was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation on 2 September 2005 in recognition of her invaluable contributions to the FICS Working Group by IBF.