The Manulife Winning Team Culture

Developing Manulife’s winning team culture is our single most important ambition. Firmly established shared team values help us compete and achieve success in our goal to be the most digital and customer centric insurance company. This holds true more than ever in today’s fast-changing marketplace where the skills and capabilities are evolving.

Manulife’s performance-driven culture instils an “always learning” mindset, supported by a mantra of ‘learn-it-all’, versus the traditional ‘know-it-all’. An “always learning” mindset is one where individuals thrive on challenges and see failure as an opportunity to grow and stretch existing skills and capabilities. Manulife seeks to build a continuous learning culture to equip all our employees with relevant skills to work more innovatively and collaboratively, with the goal of delivering great outcomes for our customer. Equally, we are committed to enabled fulfilling careers for all employees at Manulife.
Empowering a Future-Ready Workforce

An IBF-MAS 2019 study found that about half of the 121 job roles across the financial services industry in Singapore would have to be augmented. In addition, one third of jobs would be transformed, as technology substitutes a significant proportion of tasks while the remaining tasks could be subsumed into new roles. To support our employees in our journey towards a skilled and adaptative future-ready workforce, we launched a holistic global learning and development programme, PURSUIT and make learning a priority. 

Introduced in 2021, the programme comprises a broad portfolio of initiatives to develop essential skillsets and strengthening team and technical capabilities to navigate digital and customer-focused transformation. “Having the right mindset might be the most important skill of all to thrive in the new normal – everyone needs to have curiosity which drives ‘what’ to learn and a growth mindset to enable learning through experimentation and resilience to stay the course.” said Angie Ng, Chief Human Resources Officer, Manulife Singapore.

​Digital Learning

The ongoing pandemic accelerated the pivot towards virtual learning where employees can learn anytime and anywhere. Under PURSUIT, LinkedIn Learning - a world-class online resource with courses taught by internationally respected experts across the globe was launched. Learning paths aligned to our organisational values, as well as competencies were curated to guide our employees on their learning journey. Later in the year, our AI Learning Experience Platform will be launched, serving as a one-stop-shop for a digital and fun Netflix-like learning experience. The usage rate for Linkedin Learning amongst employees has been high, with many sharing positive sentiments on their experience.

To further empower employees, we launched Learning Fiesta to promote continuous learning, and further conducted a series of webinars on future skills with more than 30 experts, including IBF. Topics included Insurtech developments & emerging technologies, agile, analytics, Human Centred Design and Net Promoter System and impact on skills & roles within Manulife. 

We had over 300 enthusiastic participants for all sessions, and more than 3,000 training hours clocked, we were pleased to learn that 98% of the participants expressed that they had benefited from the Fiesta Learning week.

Partnership with IBF to Drive Workforce Transformation 

To support the national reskilling agenda, we partner government agencies and leverage various national programmes, including the Career Conversion Programme (CCP), to reskill our employees. Our journey to reskill our people is set to accelerate into 2021 and beyond as we identify more roles to go on PCP in line with our business transformation needs.
Manulife also actively recruits mid-career switchers and fresh graduates via the Technology in Finance Immersion Programme (TFIP) and SGUnited Traineeship Programme as part of our talent development strategy. In doing so, we are supporting the national reskilling agenda and strengthening the Singapore core. To date, we have hosted 15 individuals and are looking forward to supporting more in their journey.

Prioritising Digitisations and Agency Growth

To prepare our financial advisory representatives for holistic customer engagement in the new normal, we dedicate resources for regular and rigorous training, to empower them to adeptly service customers and showcase corporate values in outreach efforts. All financial advisory representatives are accredited under the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore’s Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) as part of our in-house agency onboarding program since the start of 2020, to further ensure quality customer advice and service across the board. At the end of October 2021, over 700 of our new joiners were IBF Certified in Financial Planning Level 1. “Our goal at Manulife is not just to offer strong products and services, but also to deliver them to our customers in a thoughtful and highly personalised manner. Our financial advisory representatives are the first contact in the customer journey and hence we see regular, quality training as critical in building a highly skilled and competent financial advisory representatives in meeting the needs and wants of an evolving and increasingly sophisticated customer market.” said Khoo Poh Huat, Chief Distribution Officer, Manulife Singapore.

In 2021, we launched a region-wide training academy which supported 115,000 insurance advisors in Asia, including Singapore. The initiative, known as Manulife Business Academy (MBA), is a unified learning and development platform (replace by institute) that equips advisors with skills to succeed in digital environments, while helping them make customers’ lives every day better. The facility provides recruits with the training and support needed to become top insurance advisors in different markets through online learning and end-to-end career development journeys, rather than relying on one-off classroom training sessions. 

Under the MBA framework, we are providing a structured learning roadmap for our financial advisory representatives and taking them through a continuous learning journey via cutting-edge digital platforms, with programmes focusing on fundamental business skills to kick start careers, specialised skills in wealth management, high net worth and protection, and leadership skills. 

To support the development of our financial advisory representatives, we also provided a wide range of qualifying Financial Training Scheme (FTS)/Standards Training Scheme (STS) trainings to upskill our existing financial advisory representatives, which were curated with external training providers, including IBF, to support an upward trajectory in chosen career paths.