RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - private banking Level 2/3

Job Roles

  • Relationship Managers
  • Senior Relationship Managers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Senior Investment Advisors
  • Team leaders


Completed IBF Standards Wealth Advisory Private Banking Level 1 programme or show proof of competency at Level 1;orPossess minimum 3 years of relevant working experience in private banking

Relevant Job Responsibilities

  • Perform a role focusing on client relationship management, including client acquisition
  • Provide investment advice, analysis of wealth and estate planning needs, and on-going servicing of high / ultra high net worth clients
  • Lead a group of relationship managers (if applicable)
RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - private banking Level 2/3


Industry Knowledge: Wealth Advisory Products

Apply knowledge of the wealth advisory products and wealth advisory investment concepts suitable for high net worth clients to meet stated wealth advisory objectives.

Industry Knowledge: Laws and Regulations

Apply knowledge of relevant laws and regulations to compliance requirements in carrying wealth advisory activities for high net worth clients.

Client Acquisiton and Business Development

Source and acquire new high net worth clients.

Client Acceptance and On-boarding (KYC/AML)

Perform acceptance checks and on-boarding of high net worth clients, including those with complex needs, in accordance with established policies and procedures, and represent business in resolving compliance matters to on-boarding.

Investment Advisory

Advise high net worth clients on their investments needs by analysing their complex financial needs and objectives, designing suitable customised financial solutions and reviewing client accounts periodically to ensure client needs and objectives are met.

Servicing Clients

Perform ongoing servicing of complex high net worth client accounts to promote the mindset of service excellence and extending private banking and related services provided by the financial institution.

Wealth Planning Advisory

Assist Wealth & Estate Planning specialist in advising high net worth clients on their complex wealth and estate planning needs.

Exemption for this Competency Unit available upon completion of the IBF Standards: Trust Administration/Wealth and Estate Planning (Level 2) - CU 2.

Risk Awareness and Control & Monitoring

Manage relevant organisational risks arising from wealth advisory and investment activities of high net worth clients.

RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - private banking Level 2/3

Certification Level Awarded:
IBF Advanced

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