Training Provider- Measures in Response to COVID-19 for IBF STS or FTS training

Mar 31, 2020

​With the current COVID-19 situation, training providers are advised to adhere strictly to the advisories and guidelines from the Multi-Ministry Taskforce and Ministry of Health (MOH). 

With reference to the latest measures from MOH as of 24 March 2020, we would like to also share SSG’s further clarifications and guidelines that they have shared with SSG-supported training providers. This guidance allows for the continued running of CET classes with measures to reduce close physical contact amongst learners by ensuring the safe distancing requirement of at least one metre apart during the conduct of their training. Training providers should limit the class size to not more than 40 learners, subject to the physical capacity of their training facility. All other measures on temperature taking, travel declaration, contact tracing records, etc. should continue to be in place. 

Notwithstanding this, IBF strongly encourages all IBF Standards Training Scheme (STS) and Financial Training Scheme (FTS) accredited training providers to explore conducting programmes via virtual classroom or e-learning. While implementing the revised mode of delivery, we would like to remind training providers to ensure the required quality in your training/assessment delivery and maintain the appropriate trainer to learners ratio for effective facilitation and learning experience. 

As you assess the conversion of your programme(s) from face-to-face learning to virtual classroom/ e-learning, please also take into consideration the measure(s) that your entity will put in place to
  • ensure authenticity of participants’ identity;
  • ensure effectiveness of the learning through incorporating learners’ engagement or interactive learning activities
  • ensure continued validity, reliability and integrity of the assessment;
  • validate and track learners’ participation, progress and completion of programme; and
  • make available learning /technical support to ensure its ease of use for learners.

Should it be necessary for you to continue delivering your programme via face-to-face learning, please ensure that you have put in place the social distancing requirements as advised by MOH and SSG. 
Please keep IBF updated of any plans to revise your mode of delivery and feel free to contact us at for any clarifications.