Training Provider- Additional Measures for IBF STS or FTS Training in Response to COVID-19

Apr 07, 2020

​With effect from 7 April 2020 until 4 May 2020 (inclusive), all IBF Standards Training Scheme (STS) and Financial Training Scheme (FTS) accredited programmes should be suspended if they cannot be conducted via virtual classrooms or e-learning. This is in line with the additional national measures announced in response to COVID-19 on 3 April 2020.  This includes training programmes which are currently in progress. The end-date of 4 May 2020 may be extended, depending on the national COVID-19 situation.

As a follow-on from our previous announcement dated 30 March 2020, we encourage training providers to explore the conversion of your training and assessments to virtual or e-learning modes, to continue with the delivery of STS and FTS programmes. As part of this process, measure(s) should be put in place to:
  • ensure authenticity of participants’ identity;
  • ensure effectiveness of the learning through incorporating learners’ engagement or interactive learning activities;
  • ensure continued validity, reliability and integrity of the assessment;
  • validate and track learners’ participation, progress and completion of programme; and
  • make available learning /technical support to ensure its ease of use for learners.

For training providers who have converted your training programmes to virtual or e-learning modes and yet still require employees to work from office for the management of those programmes , please provide IBF with the minimum number of staff required and why such tasks can only be performed from your office.