Advisory for Trainees Seeking Training Allowance Claims with Suspended Training Provider "ClickAcademy Asia Pte Ltd"

Sep 03, 2020

1 On 17th August 2020, IBF had suspended ClickAcademy Asia Pte Ltd, after they were found to be in breach of IBF’s Terms and Conditions as an accredited training provider. 

2 IBF conducts audits on training providers to ensure their compliance with the set Terms & Conditions. As the administrator of the training schemes, IBF has the responsibility to ensure that funding claims submitted by training providers are bona fide and accurate.

3 To ascertain this, IBF may request for evidence that trainees had attended the stated programmes and successfully passed the required assessments. If these cannot be satisfactorily verified, or irregularities are detected, IBF will reject and return the claims application to the training provider.

4 For trainees with outstanding claims, IBF has asked ClickAcademy to provide evidence that IBF’s requirements, including the proper completion of the assessment component by its trainees, have been met. IBF does not dictate how ClickAcademy is to comply with this requirement. Until satisfactory evidence is provided by ClickAcademy, we seek your understanding that IBF is unable to disburse the funds.

5 As part of the suspension, IBF has required ClickAcademy to manage trainee enquiries and issues in a satisfactory manner. IBF expects ClickAcademy to comply fully with this. As such, trainees are advised to contact ClickAcademy if they have any queries regarding their claims

        Thank you.