Company-Sponsored Participants

Financial Institutions who have sponsored staff for IBF-STS or FTS programmes shall consolidate and submit the claims according to two half-yearly cycles, within 3 calendar months from the end of each qualifying period:

Claim Cycle Qualifying Period

Claims Submission Period*
(Claim to be submitted by entity through the IBF Portal)

# 1 Programmes Completed from Jan - Jun Jul - Sep of the same calendar year
# 2 Programmes Completed from Jul - Dec Jan - Mar of the next calendar year

* Please ensure that claim records for each half yearly cycle are consolidated for submission as each entity may only perform one claim submission per cycle.

Non-Company Sponsored Participants

Non-company sponsored participants will only be eligible for funding claims for IBF-STS programmes. Claims for non-company sponsored participants will be submitted via the training provider and has to be submitted within 3 months from the date of programme completion. Please contact your training provider if you require more information.

Documents to Submit

Please refer to the Information Note​ for details on the submission template and supporting documents required for claims submission.

IBF Portal Account

Funding claims are to be submitted via the IBF Portal. Please ensure that your organisation have created an IBF Portal log-in account to access the IBF Portal.


For any further queries, please contact the IBF at