IBF Accredited Programmes

IBF has accredited a wide range of training programmes under the IBF Standards. These include proprietary programmes of financial institutions and public-run programmes by commercial training providers.

These programmes are accredited under three levels of the IBF Standards: IBF Level 1, IBF Level 2, IBF Level 3.

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Benefits of attending an IBF Accredited Training Programme

JobRelevant.pngJob Relevant Skills

IBF accredited programmes are designed to equip finance practitioners with competencies needed for their jobs. Such programmes are aligned with the IBF Standards, which are developed in close consultation with industry.

 MarkofQuality.pngMark of Quality

IBF accredited programmes have a training and an assessment component and are subject to an independent and rigorous review by the IBF to ensure that the training institution and programmes meet industry standards.

Recognition.pngIndustry Recognition

Individuals who successfully complete an IBF accredited programme and meet the relevant criteria may apply for IBF Certification. Find out more about the benefits of IBF Certification here

Funding.pngSubsidised Programme Fees

Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who successfully complete an IBF accredited programme will be eligible to apply for co-funding the IBF Standards Training Scheme.

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What are the IBF Standards?

IBF works closely with the industry to develop the IBF Standards.







The IBF Standards provide practice-oriented development roadmaps for financial sector practitioners. They outline the competencies required in the different industry segments, as well as possible career pathways.

The IBF Standards currently cover 12 industry segments across the financial sector and comprise both accreditation and certification components.

Financial institutions and finance professionals are encouraged to use the IBF Standards as a guide for training and development. The IBF Standards are available here.

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