Discover the Future-Enabled Skills on Learn@IBF

Learn@IBF is a mobile learning app developed in conjunction with the industry to provide finance professionals with bite-sized content on the Future-Enabled Skills and much more. 

Enjoy rich collection of knowledge pieces from these various channels on Learn@IBF.

  1. Data Analytics

  2. Digital Awareness

  3. Agile/Entrepreneurial Thinking

  4. Human Centered Design

  5. Risk & Governance in the Digital World

  6. Future Communication

  7. Banking 101

  8. Future Workforce

  9. Rules, Regs and Ethics

  10. Sustainable Finance

  11. IBF Exams Preparation

  12. IBF Fellow Insights

What makes the content in this app unique?

Each content includes engaging visuals and interesting quizzes that takes less than 10 minutes to complete, allowing finance professionals to learn about the latest innovations on-the-go!

​With effect from 1 January 2022, users who meet the following requirements are eligible for non-core CPD hours:


Why should I use it?

Instead of hearing it from us, let the industry leaders, and your peers tell you why.

Mr Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS Group, shares how Learn@IBF can help prepare you to become a banker of tomorrow:


Ms Judy Hsu, CEO, Singapore and Asean Markets, of Standard Chartered Bank, shares how finance practitioners can use Learn@IBF to acquire new skills for a rapidly changing digital economy:

Finance professionals explain the kind of impact that Learn@IBF can have in their daily work:


Hear from fellow finance professionals on why they like using Learn@IBF as an alternative way to learn:


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How do I start using it?

You can download the Learn@IBF app from the App Store and Google Play today. To access the app, your financial institution would need to subscribe with IBF.

Please approach the HR department of your financial institution for access to the Learn@IBF app.

Here is a user-gui​de for the Learn@IBF app.

For more queries, or if your financial institution wants to subscribe to Learn@IBF, please get in touch with

A copy of the Application Form for Learn@IBF can be downloaded here.