Data Science and Fintech I

Programme Scheme : IBF-STS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD

Programme Title Data Science and Fintech I
Programme Scheme IBF-STS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD
Training Provider Wealth Management Institute Limited
Purpose of Programme

This course will provide an understanding of the importance of having a digital mindset in a fast changing technological landscape. It will trace the evolution of financial technology in the global financial market and how institutions and regulators are adjusting to this disruptive force. These new technologies come with new threats, requiring a good understanding of cybersecurity, digital hygiene and integrity, and best practices in digital risk management. The digitalization of financial services is transforming asset and wealth management in an unprecedented pace. It is critical that asset and wealth managers are trained to know their impacts and potential developments to be appropriately future-ready. The objective of this course is to create a digital culture and mindset in wealth managers.

Programme Website http://www.wmi.edu.sg
Programme Prospectus Click here to download file
Type of Programme Training & Assessment
Industry Segment Private Banking and Wealth Management
Location of Training
Training Duration/ CPD Hours: Total: 19.5 Hr(s)
2 Full Day(s) over 1 Month(s)

Core FAA CPD: 3 Hr(s)
Core SFA CPD: 3 Hr(s)
Name of Contact Person: Nathan Ong
Designation Senior Lead Programme Manager
DID 69945614
Email nathanong@wmi.edu.sg
Skills Category Skills and Competencies Proficiency Level
B. Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management B6. Customer Relationship Management 4
C. Data Analytics and Information Technology Management C1. Cybersecurity 3
H. Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance H8. Customer Acceptance Checking and Onboarding 4

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