Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness - Insurance

Programme Scheme : FTS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD

Programme Title Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness - Insurance
Programme Scheme FTS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD
Training Provider Thomson Reuters Corporation Pte Ltd
Purpose of Programme

In today's business world, information is increasingly digital, making it easy to misuse. Organisations are struggling to protect their confidential information and to keep pace with the increasingly stringent laws that protect consumer and employee privacy, and information security compliance is becoming therefore becoming more difficult. An organisation that experiences an information security breach suffers significant negative consequences. For example, customers and regulators may lose trust in its reliability, its reputation may suffer, and it may incur financial losses due to the cost of enhancing its information and cybersecurity capabilities. Key risk factors for information security breaches are (1) insiders leaking information, either on purpose or accidentally, and (2) outsiders intruding on the organisation's systems. This makes Internet security and information security training crucial to a culture of compliance. Although hackers frequently make the headlines, ordinary breaches of information security often start with things such as an intruder in the workspace, an unscrupulous co-worker or a stolen laptop. Preventing grave damage to an organisation's financial status and reputation requires employees to be vigilant against both internal and external risks. With respect to external risks, organisations around the globe are seeing an uptick in cybercrime, as criminals use computers to exploit the speed and anonymity of the Internet. In fact, cybercrime has been ranked as one of the top four economic crimes. Cyberattacks via botnets, malware and network intrusion have targeted computer hardware and software. Therefore, employees must take care in their electronic communications to minimise risk. Information security compliance laws demand that employees take specific precautions with certain types of personal information they handle. But even organisations that are not subject to these laws must be sure that their employees understand and follow internal policies for protecting proprietary and/or confidential data in all forms.

Programme Website https://www.thomsonreuters.com.sg/en/products-services/regulation-compliance-overview/compliance-elearning/enhanced-training-support-financial-institutions.html
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Type of Programme E-Learning
Industry Segment Compliance, General Insurance, Life Insurance, Operations, Risk Management
Location of Training Singapore
Training Duration/ CPD Hours: Total: 1 Hr(s)

Core FAA CPD: 1 Hr(s)
Core SFA CPD: 0 Hr(s)
Name of Contact Person: Carsten Rosenkranz
Designation Director Sales Risk Corporates, AEM
DID 69738257
Email carsten.rosenkranz@thomsonreuters.com
Skills Category Skills and Competencies Proficiency Level
C. Data Analytics and Information Technology Management C1. Cybersecurity 3
H. Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance H2. Business Continuity Planning 2
H. Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance H21. Operational Risk Management 2
H. Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance H4. Compliance Mindset Development 3

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