KYC/CDD Principles

Programme Scheme : FTS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD

Programme Title KYC/CDD Principles
Programme Scheme FTS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD
Training Provider Salmon Thrust Pte Ltd
Purpose of Programme

The staff of financial institutions are the first line of defence to the prevention of money laundering. The key Know Your Clients (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) principles must be understood and put into practice even when no one is watching. These principles will help financial advisers to identify money laundering risk and help their financial institutions to monitor the risk effectively.

Programme Website http://www.salmonthrust.com
Programme Prospectus Click here to download file
Type of Programme E-Learning
Industry Segment Asset Management, Financial Planning, Financial Services, Private Banking and Wealth Management, Retail Banking
Location of Training Singapore
Training Duration/ CPD Hours: Total: 1 Hr(s)

Core FAA CPD: 1 Hr(s)
Core SFA CPD: 0 Hr(s)
Name of Contact Person: Audrey Ang
Designation Regional Sales Manager
DID +65 63230768
Email audrey@salmonthrust.com
Skills Category Skills and Competencies Proficiency Level
A. Business Development and Strategy Management A13. Ethical Culture 4

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