User Experience Design Bootcamp

Programme Scheme : IBF-STS

Programme Title User Experience Design Bootcamp
Programme Scheme IBF-STS
Training Provider Vertical Institute Pte. Ltd.
Purpose of Programme

-Have a comprehensive understanding of UX design and the design process. -Understand human-centered user research and the different research methodologies used to obtain data. -Using principles of information architecture to develop and document personas, journey maps, user flows and annotated wireframes. -Understand the ins and outs of usability testing to further understand user behaviors and what drives them when using products. -Identify the best practices in visual and UI design to create user Iiterfaces with these principles. -Utilize industry-standard tools such as Figma as a UI design and prototyping tool to create wireframes and prototypes. -Produce UX design documentation as part of a final capstone project, which entails persona creation, wireframing, and working prototypes of a financial digital product.

Programme Website https://verticalinstitute.com/user-experience/
Programme Prospectus Click here to download file
Type of Programme Training & Assessment
Industry Segment Financial Services
Location of Training
Training Duration/ CPD Hours: 28 Hr(s)
3 Full Day(s) over 3 Week(s)
Name of Contact Person: Peh Eng Lek
Designation Admissions Manager
DID 97258498
Email jacob@verticalinstitute.com
Skills Category Skills and Competencies Proficiency Level
D. Future-Enabled Skills D16. Human Centered Design - Human Centered Design 3

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