Practical Applications of Investment-Linked Policies

Programme Scheme : FTS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD

Programme Title Practical Applications of Investment-Linked Policies
Programme Scheme FTS and, Core FAA / SFA CPD
Training Provider Financial Perspectives Pte Ltd
Purpose of Programme

An Investment-linked Policy (ILP) is a hybrid instrument comprising insurance protection and investment returns to help clients meet varying financial objectives at various life cycle stages by adjusting the proportion of their insurance premium into insurance and investment focus. Unfortunately, clients who invested in ILPs face negative experience such as poor investment performance, escalating insurance benefit charges depleting accumulated cash values, etc. This negative perception has resulted in a myriad of negativity against the ILP product class both from Financial Advisers Representatives (FARs) and clients. Nothing is further from the truth – that there is a place that ILP can play an important role in client profiles that this product is suitable. For example, in providing non-death or disability trigger to fund a business buyout or the owner’s retirement, the future tertiary education or start-up fund for a newborn child, flexible multiple-purpose plan for a young adult, etc. This course is designed to address the common misconceptions of the product and equip FARs with the competency to structure and monitor such a product effectively for their clients.

Programme Website http://www.fp-edu.com
Programme Prospectus Click here to download file
Type of Programme Others; Blended learning - virtual Classroom (Zoom) OR Face-to-Face Delivery and asynchronous e-learning
Industry Segment Financial Planning, Life Insurance, Retail Banking
Location of Training Singapore
Training Duration/ CPD Hours: Total: 9 Hr(s)
1 Full Day(s) over 1 Week(s)

Core FAA CPD: 2 Hr(s)
Core SFA CPD: 0 Hr(s)
Name of Contact Person: Zoe Yuan
Designation Program Manager
DID 67171906
Email zoe@fp-edu.com
Skills Category Skills and Competencies Proficiency Level
B. Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management B10. Personal Finance Advisory 4
G. Product, Sales and Market Management G8. Industry Knowledge (Products): Financial Planning 3
G. Product, Sales and Market Management G10. Industry Knowledge (Products): Life Insurance 2
G. Product, Sales and Market Management G15. Product Advisory 4
H. Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance H14. Industry Knowledge (Laws and Regulations): Financial Planning 3

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