Mastering Franchise Trading and Managing Risk

Programme Scheme : FTS

Programme Title Mastering Franchise Trading and Managing Risk
Programme Scheme FTS
Training Provider TRACKRECORD PTE. LTD.
Purpose of Programme

Day 1 kicks off with an in-depth discussion of the difference between managing and maximizing a franchise vs taking risk outside of the franchise. Learners will be taught methods to maximize and grow their existing franchise and to better communicate and connect with all relevant stakeholders. Learners will also be taught the first part of the Investment Framework i.e. View Formation, Product Selection, Sizing Analysis and Execution Analysis. To ensure that learners understand the practical application of the Investment framework, they will be given a task at the end of Day 1 to apply the concepts learnt. At the start of Day 2, learners take turns to present the task that was assigned to them on Day 1. Trainers and other learners will also provide the necessary feedback to ensure that they are on the right track. They will then be taught the remaining elements of the Investment Framework. Risk and stress management systems/mindsets as well as ethics will also be covered. At the end of the day, learners will work with the trainers to formulate a Drawdown Plan – with discussions of monthly & annual stop-loss/stop-loss advisory and action plans in the event of such occurrences.

Programme Website http://www.trackrecordasia.com
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Type of Programme Classroom
Target Area of Training Equity Trading, Financial Markets, Fixed Income Trading, Foreign Exchange Trading, Inter-Dealer Broking, Market Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Sales and Trading / Execution (Retail), Trading
Competency Level Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
Location of Training Singapore
CPD Hours: 12 Hr(s)
2 Full Day(s) over 1 Week(s)
Name of Contact Person: Felicia Tan
Designation Business Development Manager
DID 68171833
Email felicia@trackrecordasia.com
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