​What is it?​

​The Technology in Finance Immersion Programme (TFIP) aims to help individuals gain experience in new technology areas, such as Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and Full Stack Development, within the financial services sector. 

TFIP Roles.jpg

Trainees will acquire the necessary skills through (a) structured training with industry-recognised training providers and (b) an attachment with a leading financial institution.  

​How does it work?

​Full-time/Part-time ​Full-time
​Duration of Programme: ​18 months (For Data Analytics)
24 months (For Cloud Computing​, Cybersecurity, Full Stack Development)

TFIP trainees will receive a monthly training allowance for the entire duration that they remain on the programme. 

Technology Areas​ Broad Job Description
Cloud Computing

Evaluate, design, deploy and maintain various emerging and main stream cloud computing technologies. 

Monitor and investigate cyber security threats and defend against them. Design and implement solutions to protect applications, systems and networks. Analyse security risks for future projects and help protect customers and the bank from cyber risks.
Data Analytics

Analyse data to find patterns that will help improve operations and business outcomes and build real time visualisation and analytics tools for business users.

Full Stack Development

Integrate front-end user-facing services and back-end processing services through coding, and constructing application programme interface (APIs) and microservices. 

Look out for our next intake in 2020.