Candidates should carefully read through the IBF Examination Rules & Regulations and FAQs for the relevant examinations before registering for their examination.

All examinations are held at the IBF Assessment Centre, (MAS Building, 10 Shenton Way Unit 13-07/08)

For Individuals

All examination registrations must be made online. Candidates must create an account in the IBF Portal to access all examinations services. Please click here to register.

For Financial Institutions

All organisations who wish to register for IBF examinations on behalf of their employees must create a Corporate Login Account on the IBF Portal. Only 1 account may be created per organization/entity. The entity would be identified by the Unique Entity Number (“UEN”), which is the ACRA’s Registry of Companies (ROC) number of the entity.

If your organisation does not have a Corporate Login Account, please click here to create your account.

If your organisation already has a Corporate Login Account, please click here to register.



  • Cessation of Hardcopy Exam Result Slips & E-Copy of Exam Results
  • Revised Financial Markets Regulatory Practices ("FMRP") Exam and Non-Examinable Course ("NEC")
  • Collection of Study Guides
  • General Notes for Candidates before Registration
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