Cessation of Sale of Printed Study Guides for IBF Examinations

With effect from 9 Oct 2018, IBF will no longer sell printed study guides for the IBF Examinations.

Candidates will receive an email with a link to the PDF study guide upon successful registration. Alternatively candidates can log into their IBF Portal accounts to access their PDF study guides. Access to the applicable study guide will expire after the scheduled exam date.​

​Cessation of Hardcopy Exam Result Slips & E-Copy of Exam Results ​

With effect from 18 July 2018, IBF will no longer be issuing printed result slips after the exam. The exam results will be displayed on the computer screens after the exam. Candidates will be able to view or print their results by logging into their IBF Portal accounts the next working day after the exam. Candidates may request for a printed result slip through the IBF Portal at a fee of $47+GST.

Revised Financial Markets Regulatory Practices ("FMRP") Exam and Non-Examinable Course ("NEC")

The FMRP Exam is applicable to all market participants in the wholesale financial markets in Singapore, and assesses candidates’ understanding of wholesale dealing practices and market conduct based on the Singapore Guide to Conduct and Treasury Activities (“the Blue Book”).

The FMRP Examination will be updated based on key changes to the Blue Book, to include principles from the Foreign Exchange Global Code ("FX Global Code") and revised guidance on name disclosure, handling of client orders and recording of communications.

Please refer to the Blue Book FAQs for more information on changes to the Blue Book and applicability of the Blue Book.

Revised FMRP Exam and Study Guide

The revised FMRP Exam and Study Guide will be available from 29 June 2018 and 31 May 2018 respectively.

For more information on the FMRP Exam and other administrative matters, please refer to the FMRP FAQs and the IBF Exams Rules & Regulations.

FMRP Non-Examinable Course (NEC) in 2018

Purpose and scope: The FMRP NEC is intended to update eligible individuals on changes to the Blue Book, and new principles from the FX Global Code. The FMRP NEC is applicable to:

(i) Individuals who have FMRP-certified before 29 June 2018; and

(ii) Individuals who were exempted from the FMRP Exam at the time of introduction of the FMRP in 2012.

Format and duration: The FMRP NEC be made available through the Learn@IBF mobile app, and eligible individuals will be provided with an e-copy of the revised FMRP Study Guide. The FMRP NEC will be made available from 2 July 2018 until 31 December 2018.

How to enroll: Financial institutions are expected to subscribe as corporate users and register the relevant employees so that they can access the FMRP NEC via the Learn@IBF app. Eligible individuals should check with their employers and ensure that they are signed up for the FMRP NEC through the app.

Financial institutions can subscribe for Learn@IBF through:

(i) Full subscription – Financial institutions are encouraged to sign up for this option, so that all their employees can benefit from the learning content on Learn@IBF. The subscription fees are in the FMRP FAQs.

Contact: Please contact IBF at outreach@ibf.org.sg for more information on the full subscription.

(ii) Limited subscription – Financial institutions will be charged based on the number of individual users to be registered for the FMRP NEC. The fee per individual registered user is $150 (IBF Members) / $180 (Non-Members).

Contact: Please contact IBF at fmrp@ibf.org.sg for more information on the limited subscription.

Completion and certification: Financial institutions are expected to download the completion report from the Learn@IBF App as evidence of fulfilment of the FMRP NEC requirements by their employees who are required to complete the NEC. Individuals are advised to check with their employers if they wish to have a record of their completion of the FMRP NEC.