1. Rescheduling of Examination Dates

All rescheduling of examination dates must be done through the IBF Portal. If you wish to reschedule a registered exam, please click here.  

The admin fee payable for each time you reschedule an exam is $75+GST.

Terms and conditions of rescheduling of exams: 

- All rescheduling of examination dates must be done by 12pm the working day before the exam date. Example: If your exam falls on a Monday or (one day after) public holiday,  transfers must be done before 12.00pm on Friday.

- Rescheduling of exams are subjected to availability. 

- Any late requests will not be entertained. 

2. Changes to Other Exam Modules or Candidates

You are not allowed to change your registered exam module, or change your exam registration to another candidate. 

3. Updates to Candidate Name/ Identification Number

For any changes to candidate name or identification information, please write to (exams@ibf.org.sg) before 12pm the day before your exam date with your supporting documentation. You will not be permitted to sit for the exam if your request for correction/change is not submitted to IBF by this deadline.